Monday, March 07, 2016

Lojong 4: Self-liberate even the antidote

"Awareness" was a pointer to an experience that turned out to be insubstantial.

All the pointers are like this. Don't get hung up on the remedies. Don't get stuck on a slogan. After using a second thorn to remove the first from your finger, you throw them both away.

The finger points at the moon, so don't get stuck on the finger. Follow it to the moon. Enjoy the vision of the moon, but don't get stuck on it either. Don't get stuck. Keep flowing with what is, right now.

Even the idea of "ultimate truth" or "ultimate reality" is just another empty concept. Don't let it seduce you into seeking after it.

"Awareness" is not a thing you can be. It's a process and there isn't a solid you.

Just keep coming back to present moment experience, here and now. Let go of beliefs. If you've been labeling experiences as they arise, set that aside for a while and just watch the experience come and go wordlessly.

What is available to be known in present moment experience?



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